General Notes: Windtech Inc. provides information within CIS (Customer Information Site) for informational purposes only. In CIS you will find information regarding current orders (Open Order Status) and fulfilled orders (Order History); however for functional purposes the information has been limited to 1 natural year. This means that for any information regarding older orders it will be necessary to contact us, we will do our best to help you and your company with any requests that you may have.

Open Order Status: In this area you will be able to check the status and details of all open Purchase Orders. For your ease, you can filter your seach by PO number or Part Number.

You can review the complete details of the PO status by PO line by clicking on the PO number.

Order History: Here you will find history regarding PO's fulfilled within the last natural year. For your ease you can filter your seach by PO number or Part Number.

Order Detail: Whenever you choose to display details of a certain PO (This area can be accessed by clicking into the PO link shown in Open Order Status / Order History). The following data will be displayed:

PO Line: Customer PO Line.

Part Number.

Status: Current order status.

In progress: Order is in its original schedule. However if any Customer Supplied Materials (CSMs) are not in our warehouse to complete this order you will find a link next to the status to view the details of the CSMs required.

Pending: The order has been placed in pending status usually because of CSMs not arriving in time for scheduled production. Further details can be viewed following the link provided.

Hold. The order has been placed On Hold. This usually means that an important area of your order is missing;  or that you have requested this action.

Closed. The order has been fulfilled.

Requested Date: Scheduled order completion date. (In this date product will leave our dock).

Quantity: PO Line quantity.

Shipped Date.

Remaining Quantity.

Packlist: Our packing list number. Use the link to download the document.

Invoice: Our Invoice number regarding this PO Line. Use the link to download the document.

Tracking Information: When a link is displayed tracking information of this order is available by clicking on the link.

CSM Inventory: In this screen you will find a summary of the Customer supplied materials that we have in stock.

Packing Lists: Select the date range from the “From Date Calendar” and “To Date Calendar” to display the available Packing Lists from the selected time period.